Module 3: I'm taking a Science or Engineering course. What do I need to know?

While you may not write as many essays in the Sciences or Engineering as you would in Social Science or Humanities courses, you will be completing reports and projects. All written work requires citations and references. Different professors may require different styles and formats. Always check with your instructor about the preferred style and format. NOTE: Most Health Sciences courses use the APA format for citations and references.

3.1             IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

What is IEEE and who uses it?

IEEE is an association that represents and encourages communication among professionals working in fields involving anything to do with electrical, electronic, and computing engineering, as well as other related areas of science and technology.

The IEEE method of documentation is used in many engineering courses, but always check with your instructor regarding specific course requirements.

What does IEEE citation and referencing style look like?

IEEE citations use a number within a bracket that corresponds to a source in your references list. All sources used are listed in the order that they appear in the assignment. The first citation used is listed as [1]. The following citations are listed in the order used. If you use a citation twice, simply use the corresponding number again (don't give it a new number). Place the citation exactly where you use that source, even if it is mid-sentence.  

How is IEEE different from other referencing and citation styles? 

Unlike other styles, the IEEE references list sorts the references numerically (in the order used in your essay), not alphabetically.

TIP: All styles require both citations and a reference list.


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IEEE sources should be listed alphabetically.



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